Communicating in Covid Times

We’re living in strange times.  Covid has changed how we do things. Communicating in covid times means we need to widen our choice of tools.

It’s funny how yesterday’s sayings are as relevant today as they were then.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

– Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

We’re living in strange times.  Covid has changed how we do things.  It has affected our ability to move freely around our country, to hold a dance party, to grab a group of friends and go out to dinner with no thought as to masks, socially distancing, hand sanitising and searching for RATs. Communicating in covid times means we need to widen our choice of tools.

Change is the New Normal

Like every other organisation and business, we at Business South have had to adapt and change how we communicate.  It goes without saying that we wear our masks, QR code check in and hand sanitise multiple times a day. But there are some other ways of doing things we’ve had to adapt to.

Prior to Covid we regularly met up with people to talk through their business ideas or assist them on their business journey.  Meetups today are different.  We’re still happy to meet but let us meet out in the open air.  We’re happy to meet in a park, at an outside café, on outside seats in any given area.  Let’s find a seat and talk – safely and socially distanced as we continue communicating in covid times.

If personally meeting up doesn’t suit you we’re happy to have a chat on the telephone or converse via email.  Or maybe you’re someone who prefers to ‘see who you’re speaking to’.  If that’s you then we can chat via Facetime, Messenger, What’s App or Zoom.  Perhaps you’re a Skype type of person.  Just let us know your preference and we’ll get it organised.

Workshop Delivery Has Changed

You’ll notice that our current series of workshops have migrated across to Online only. We use Zoom.  With the ever-increasing case numbers of Covid in Tasmania we’ve decided to take any risk out of a face-to-face workshop. Hence Zoom.  The good thing with Zoom is that we send you a link (once you’ve registered) and all you need do is click the link – you can use your telephone, iPad, laptop or desktop. Easy.

So, if you’re needing assistance, and would like to talk with us – get in touch and we’ll organise the easiest, safest way to go forward.

Your Turn

A thought to leave with you:  How have you adapted your communication methods during Covid?  For those of you with ‘up and running businesses’ – make sure you let your customers know the various choices they have when wanting to contact you.

Don’t go missing in action simply because the way you used to do it doesn’t work any more. Communicating in covid times is more important than ever. Keep communicating – even if you need to do so differently!

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