About us

Supporting and encouraging people who are considering, planning and starting a business by providing free assistance.


Who is Business South

Business South was specifically formed to promote, encourage and support self-employment and entrepreneurship.

In June 2023 the Federal Government defunded our wonderful Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program. Sheer stubbornness and determination kept Business South operating for another six months (to January 2024) when the board resolved to place Business South into hibernation pending future funding opportunities.

We have now made our website available as a resource to those wishing to start and grow small businesses in Tasmania.

We proudly serviced twelve Tasmanian local government areas.

Business South was part of the Kingborough Community Enterprise Centre – a major regional stakeholder in Southern Tasmania. KCEC has celebrated over 20 years of providing business advice and assistance to small and medium businesses, including start-ups, established businesses and those looking to expand.

Here to Support you

Meet our Small Business Facilitators


Sharon Harvey

Sharon has over 15yrs experience in developing and owning/managing businesses in Tasmania.

As a small business owner she has assisted many individuals in establishing, maintaining, and improving their small and micro-businesses.

In Sharon’s various roles she gained experience in delivering workshops and information sessions on small business management topics.

Moreover, Sharon is an advocate of authentic business practices, high touch, client focused, nurturing marketing strategies and a huge advocate of networking and building relationships.


Mikala Grossë

Mikala is a Hobart-based business coach with a background in productivity, eLearning and business tech and automation. She is certified as both a Life and CliftonStrengths coach.

She’s run her own businesses on and off over 20 years. She started her current business 6 years ago and since then has coached and supported more than a hundred business owners of varying industries and backgrounds to create the foundations from which to build and grow their businesses.

She is the co-founder of two business-related podcasts and runs business mastermind groups for aspiring coaches and consultants.

Mikala is passionate about supporting business owners to effectively do business in a way that honours their individual circumstances and unique talents and strengths.

Hear from someone like you

Meet Jenni from Coffs Harbour, NSW.

She’s the founder of Active Nutrition Team and Pantry and a participant in the Workforce Australia Entrepreneurship Facilitator program which promotes and encourages self-employment.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur like Jenni, the Entrepreneurship Facilitator program offered by Business South can support you with tailored mentoring and advice through one-on-one meetings, workshops and networking events.


If you don’t know where to start or you’re stuck at one step in the business journey, we’re here to help.

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I met with Sharon and she took the time to understand me and my business so that she could tailor the advice and assistance given. It was given with an authentic willingness to help, without a hidden sales agenda, which was so refreshing. If you have a small business, it is certainly worth a chat with Business South.
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The Business South workshops provide support, guidance and friendship with Sharon and Mikala genuinely interested in assisting my business. My business wouldn't be where it is now without their help.
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I relocated to Tasmania earlier this year with my business. It was like starting all over again. The support I have received from Business South has been exceptional. Helping me to move forward in re-establishing my business
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I found the Business South workshops to have been invaluable and the one-on-one support has been greatly appreciated
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Business South has been an incredible help with beginning a new career, in a new industry, in my mid-life. Sharon and Mikala have supported me in fine tuning my business plan and assisting me with any technical issues I have had with the start-up process. Sharon and Mikala were even there with a box of tissues when I had a small breakdown trying to get my head around marketing and what on earth DID IT MEAN??? The different workshops have been tailored to just what I was needing to learn with other people in the same position as myself who I could meet and share stories and contacts with. Knowing Business South is available with issues when they arise has given me confidence to continue with my new business. It is like always having a “brains trust” available. Thanks Sharon and Mikala 😊